Grain Storage Silos

Although we are not aware in appearance, subsistence of human being and animals in fact is possible only with grain consumption. Accordingly, just as the global production of grain is mandatory, preserving the grain is also of vital importance.
The governments must preserve grain to guarantee the nourishment of their people in the events of famine, drought and mobilization. The only way to ensure this at the present day is to build modern technology grain storage silos. Therefore, storage silos are truly strategic and vital investments.

The profitability ratio in grain trade is directly proportional to the size of purchased and stored lot. However, building silos with unplanned projects, low quality materials, missing and insufficient equipments to decrease the investment costs by ignoring the value of product to be stored is a serious risk that shouldn’t be taken.

Engineering of the silos at first, quality control of metal and its thicknesses, galvanization ratios, structure and alloy of roofs are important points to build durable and long-lasting silo.
Silos must be equipped with temperature monitoring system, aeration system and with sweep augers for continuous and healthy storage.
Loading and unloading equipments should be galvanized as they work in external environment, their capacity and speed calculations must be compatible and sufficient, and the components like chains, buckets, belts, motor reducers and bearings must be high-quality and pre-tested for a long-lasting grain storage facility.

Mozaik cooperates in her silo projects with the professional partners dealing with silo businesses since before three generations by pursuing above mentioned conditions.