Semolina Pruifier

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The flow rate of product can be adjusted and by means of a regulating plate, the product can be spreed uniformly on the surface of the screen. The screening process is carried out by 2 or 3 layers of telora. By means of airodynamicair ductand air regulating valves, the optimum vacuum effect is obtained on the surface of screen. Bran and similar products are separaed from the semolina and transferred to discharge outlet. The product (semolina) which is separates from bran, is classified in according to size of grain by using screens.

– High capacity by using larger screens.
– Effective cleaning by using brushes.
– Adjustables creening speed.
– Trouble-free working contitions and minimum periodic maintenance by means of vibromotors.
– Silentoperation.
– Easly cleaning process and hygenic working conditions.
– Lightmetalic screen frames with adjustable tightening device and easly placeable screens.

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