Extraction Rate Scale

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It is a necessity to make continious capacity and exraction rates controlling in flour mills. Therefore, nowadays the exraction rate scales take an important place in this field and most of the flour mills began using these scales. Possible to reach to all informations, if required, the following rate of the wheat and according to this, the rate of all the products can be seen in the screen as %. All the data can be read as kgs/hour, tons/day or %. A mouse is used instead of key board. It is very easy to adjust the parameters, start, stop and getting the reports by mouse. The computer system can be work under all the programms which works windows. It is possible to operatede multi scales (8 pes for every card ) It is possible to reach easily by internet or telephone in order to control the factory. It is possible to take production reports as simultaneous, per hour, per week and per month. Weighing Bunker is hanged to the 2 load cells. Bunker can be discharge easily by the help of two side covers. Filling and discharging covers are working by the help of a Pneumatic system. Dust oozing is prevented. Used high quality materials during manufacture. Technical Personnel is working successfully during the manufacturing and operation.

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