Dust Filter

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1- Dust-air chamber
2- Clean-air chamber
3- Filter bags
4- Rinsing-air nozzles
5- Rinsing-air valves
6- Low-pressure rinsing-air
7- Integrated rinsing-air tank
8- Discharge airlock
9 – Dust outlet

Air for brushing and pneumatic command of the filters is provided by wood compressor (Blower) which gives out dry air. The brush and pneumatic command air is produced by direct filter compressor link, without the drying and wather absorbecy processes and without the utilisation of an air tank. The filter machinery is equipped with an intgrated system of pneumatic command and fast ventilaiton valves and ventury pipes, controlled by an electronic control unit.

Factor Determining Filter Load :
The filter load depends not only on the factors listed below, but also on the processes preceding filtration.e.g. chemical reactions, drying, etc. The maximum load is 9 m3/m2 min.,with bag lengths up to 2.4 m
(for instance aspiration in wheat cleaning facility).

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