Bucket Elevator

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Elevator head bolted sheet – steel construction with two piece removable hood wear resistant liner. Rubber -lagged, head pulley, including roller bearings. Elevator boot with 1 feed – inlet and 2 clean – out openings. Pulley, roller bearings and belt take – up device with spindle. With necessarry pairs of casing sections in standard and make – up lengths, including the belt – access casing section, for self – supporting design. Elevator belt with white PVC layer, oil – resistant and antistatic. Bolt holes punched. With one (1 ) belt fastener set. Steel buckets, including flat – head bolts, washers and self – locking nuts, but not mounted Elevator belt mounting gear. Belt tightening gear shaft speed monitor with eveluation unit sight glasses for casings. Aspiration connection opening (s) on the casing.

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